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Yam Flour

Processed from quality African yams, this flour is used to make the Nigerian staple "Amala", popular with the people of Western Nigeria.

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Plantain Flour

Mr. Kook Plantain flour is a product of dried and milled unripened plantain slices. It is locally called "Elubo Agbagba".

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Beans Flour

Mr. Kook Beans Flour is blended with CrayFish and Pepper, to have both Animal and Plantprotein. It can beĀ  used to make Moin Moin, Gbegiri, beans cake - locally known as Akara.

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Chilli Pepper

Researches indicates that this spice that has undoubtedly made our
lives more interesting, can also make them long, eat Mr. Kook Chilli Pepper Stay Healthy.


Who we are

Mr. Kook is the brand identity of Temophadis International Enterprise, a registered agro-processing company in Osun State, Nigeria. We process and package natural nutritious African staples from African crops like legumes, cereals, root and tubers.


Why Mr. Kook Products

Quality assured: No stones, No pebbles, No mixture and long shelf life

Convenience: Our Products are ready to use and easy to prepare, they are in handy packages

Originality: People like innovation, but it when it comes to foods, the original tastes should not be compromised.

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